There are dozens of jobs in the galley (kitchen), many of which require extensive prior restaurant or cruise ship experience. The galley is usually divided into the hot galley and cold galley. The hot galley positions include all types of cooking – vegetables, fish, soup, and grill. The cold galley positions include baking, pastry, and buffets.

With all of this food preparation and dining, there has to be a team responsible for cleaning up after the passengers and cooks. A cleaning crew (utility division) washes all of the dishes and tableware (including the pots and pans), changes the table cloths, vacuums the floors, and cleans the windows and bar areas. In general the galley department offers the following cruise ship jobs: Executive Chef / Chef De Cuisine, Executive Sous Chef, Sous Chef, Chef De Partie, Demi Chef De partie, Commis 1 (First Cook), Commis 2 (Second Cook), Commis 3 (Third Cook), Cook Trainee, Crew Cook / Crew Cook Assistant / Crew Cook Trainee, Crew Cook Utility / Crew Messman, Provision Master/ Storekeeper, Assistant Provision Master/ Storekeeper, Pastry Chef , Assistant Pastry Chef, Pastry Man, Pastry Trainee, Baker Supervisor, Baker Trainee, Galley Steward / Galley Cleaner, Dishwasher / Pot Washer. Read below the various Chef job descriptions and salary ranges.

Executive Chef +

Executive Sous Chef +

Chef De Partie +

Culinary Administrative Assistant +

First Cook +

Crew Messman +

Pastry Chef Supervisor +

Baker +

Cruise Ship Provision Master/Storekeeper +

Galley Steward +

Dishwasher +

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