All departments unrelated to navigation engine and entertainment, fall under the hotel division. This includes all concessionaires, housekeeping, food and beverage and pursers. Jobs in the hotel department on a cruise ship are very similar to jobs you will find in a five-star hotel or resort. The hotel manager oversees all shipboard services and is responsible for supervising all staff and crew in these departments. Department heads in turn report to the hotel manager and are accountable for the running of their individual departments. In general the Purser’s Department is offering the following cruise ship jobs: Chief Purser / Front Desk Manager, Administration Purser, Assistant Purser, Junior Assistant Purser/ Receptionist/ Concierge/ Guest Services Officer, Crew Purser/ Crew Administrator, Asst. Crew Purser/ Crew Administrative Assistant, Shore Excursions Manager, Assistant Shore Excursions Manager, Cost Accountant, Revenue Accountant.

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