The IT department staff members are responsible for operating and maintaining all aspects of the cruise ships onboard computer systems, both hardware and software. The entire hotel department is operated by an internal computer system and candidates are required to have thorough knowledge of network operating systems management, configuration, techniques and topologies. Experience with the major software applications is also a must.

Internet Cafe’s and computer centers are becoming increasingly more popular onboard cruise ships worldwide. The way in which they operate varies according to the cruise line or concessionaire running the facilities. The computer labs are overseen by a computer officer or Internet cafe manager and in some cases have as many as 5 lecturers helping out. Internet service onboard a cruise ship is transmitted via satellite, resulting in a much higher cost involved in collecting regular e-mail. The computer centers do however offer a lot more than just Internet services. Basic computer skills are taught, classes are given and equipment is freely used by passengers. A thorough knowledge of computers, computer & Internet services and major software applications is required.

Shipboard System Manager +

Computer System Hardware Technician +

Internet Manager +


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